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Scalp Mini

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Stimulating growth of the hair follicles
The scalp may not be an area we pay regular attention to, but it is highly sensitive. Regular self-care can prevent problems as well as having ongoing therapeutic benefits.

Covering the frontal, occipital and temporal muscles, the scalp is the focal point of much tension and it is important to keep the area stimulated to aid blood and oxygen delivery.

Massage improves circulation, assisting with wellbeing by decreasing stress and boosting your mood. It also has the massive benefit of promoting shiny, healthy hair by stimulating the growth of the hair follicles.

Breo’s Scalp Mini is waterproof, which means you can use it in the bath or shower, and its ultra-cool shape, which sits comfortably and ergonomically in your hand, has seen it win the German Red Spot Design Award.

Deep scalp massage
The Scalp Mini provides a deep scalp massage via four massage heads and 96 individual silicon claws. The massage claws rotate 360-degrees, kneading and pressing the scalp gently for greatest therapeutic benefit.

Use it when you shampoo to ensure the best absorption of your hair care products and a salon-quality clean that strengthens the hair root. Its IPX7 waterproof standard means it is safe to submerge the Scalp Mini in up to 1m of water

Easy to use
Alternatively, use the Scalp Mini any time you want to relax and take time for self-care.

Its one-click control makes the Scalp Mini easy to use, allowing you to switch between modes simple and shutdown quickly when you are ready.

With wireless charging capability, your Scalp Mini can be ready to go whenever you are. Just 10 minutes of charging time gives 2.5 hours of use, making the Scalp Mini ideal for travel.

Enjoy the benefits
It is also compact, weighing a dainty 215g. Slip it into your handbag or luggage and enjoy the benefits of Scalp Mini anytime, anywhere.

You only need 15 minutes of use for full therapeutic benefit. It means you can enjoy Scalp Mini during your lunch break, on your commute to work, before bed or anytime you wish to unwind. Relaxation and gentle, restorative scalp care is only the press of a button away.