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Mini 319 Set

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breo iMini319 Mini Massager

The breo Mini319 series expresses simple and fun design language. Each unit is modelled in a unique, soft, ergonomic form, allowing users to invigorate and relax specific body areas, such as the face, scalp, back, and calves. The individual products provide a distinctive massage experience. All of the designs have an organic yet "muscular" appearance, as it were, imbuing the user with a comforting mood through the use of bright colour and soft rubber finishes on the handles. In contrast, a silky-smooth metallic finish highlights the functional underside of each massager. The individual components of the series effect, together with the striking colouring, a sense of visual harmony.

1. Mini-sized massagers deliver muscle relief and full relaxation anywhere on your aching body
2. Battery operated allows for portability so you have the freedom to relieve aches and pains anywhere
3. Waterproof design makes enhances your shower, bath or Jacuzzi experience