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iSofa - Deluxe

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The iSofa Massage Chair is a deluxe great option if you are just getting started out in the search for a massage chair. Unlike others on the market, this massage chair is able to provide a tonne of great benefits for an exceptionally affordable price. 


Benefits of this chair


Leg Airbag Massage

With 6 airbags on the leg rest you are fully covered for a thorough massage.   You will be massaged on the Zusanli point which is the acupressure energy point on the knee that is beneficial for multiple health problems.

Multiple massage

The iSofa while comfortable like a sofa provides neck & shoulder, kneading, tapping and air pressure options.

Bluetooth enabled speaker

Immerse yourself with your favourite music with the 3D audio speakers for an ultimate 3D experience


This chair is extremely light to move and reposition.

Hidden Footrest Design

The hidden footrest makes more use of space in your room.

Multi-functional chair

With an embedded controller on the armset the iSofa is easy to operate.  The chair also has a cup holder for you to place your choice of drink for hydration.


iSofa is not just your massage chair but the chair in your lounge to watch TV, read a book or relax to your favourite music – your own chill-out zone. 


Dimension (cm)