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iMaster - Supreme

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Flying first class without leaving home got easier with the advanced technological innovation IMaster offers – your ultimate retreat from the stresses of daily life.  Providing significant comfort and luxury this high quality leather chair will leave no part of your body untreated as it reclines in to a deep massage position of zero gravity.  Equipped with 7 programme options IMaster specializes in deep tissue massage, featuring two key pieces of technology – the high performance 4D Massage mechanism and the L Track.  With this 4D chair, you will get the most enhanced massage experience because the rollers move up and down and side-to-side. While moving in and out into your muscle tissue they also have the ability to vary the speed of each individual roller head, mimicking that of a real professional human like massage. The ‘L’ track provides deep tissue massage from the base of your neck all the way down through your glutes and hamstrings.  A super long massage rail within the chair will provide you with a 1.08m vertical massage.  The 2 row foot massager has a foot length auto detection that will be sending you off in to heavenly ecstasy. For adjusting and programming the settings you can use the built-in control panel. For more intensity, you can recline the massage chair to the position that will be perfect for you. Treating yourself is so important for your mental & physical health – health has no price – fly first class in the comfort of your home.  Colours available are: Chocolate, Tan and Burgundy.


4D Massage Mechanism

- M Sensing L-Track

- 3D Knee Massage

- Ultimate Navigator

- Mood-Enhancing Light Therapy

- Zero Gravity

- Zero Wall


Dimension (cm)

Not tilting: 158(L)*84(W)*121(H)

Tilting: 196(L)*84(W)*105(H)