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iDream 5

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breo iDream 5 Eye & Head Massager

Relieve, relax, and rejuvenate with the innovative iDream 5 Eye & Head Massager! Breo iDream 5 adopts air pressure, vibration, and hot compress massaging technology to massage the head and ocular regions. Added kneading on the top of your head, help relieve stress and improve blood circulation. Give you a good rest and better for sleep. The eye mask parts can be removed, enjoy the iDream 5 during reading and movie time.

Easy switch in one button. You also can download Breo APP to control iDream 5 through your mobile.

It also features a see-through visor that makes it easier for you to operate the controller.

The breo massager series incorporates modern technology into its products to bring quality massage experience in every use.

1. Kneading scalp
2. Eye & Head massager
3. Air Pressure Massaging (4 States, Automatically working)

4. Vibration (4 Kinds)
5. Heating  (2 States)
6. Relax Music and Natural music(5 Kinds)
7. Lithium battery powered
8. APP control





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