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iCozy Hand Held Massager

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Relieve yourself from a hard day stress and relax your mind and body with Caree Touch Handheld Massager. This Vibrating massager with multiple massage heads and soothing heat that provides relief on the go. It is great for home or travel amy time of day.


Trio Massage Hands: 3 interchangeable massage heads to personalize your massage experiences.

Variable Speed Setting: Adjustable speed and strength level to match your preference.

Ergonomic Design: Sleek handle that comfortably suits all and sizes and allows you to easily reach all muscle groups.


- Alleviates muscle aches and pains.

- Stimulates and improves blood circulation.

- Relieves tension on neck

- Relaxes tense nerves on arms. 


- Arm & Shoulders massage

- Waist & Back massage

- Thigh & Feet massage

- At home, office and even travelling


Power: 220-240V, 50/60Hz

Weight: 0.9 kg

Dimensions: 160(L) x 112(W) x 400(H) mm

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