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iClass Demo with 90% percent new, very good condition. One year warranty applies.


Flying first class without leaving home got easier with the advanced technological innovation iClass offers – your ultimate retreat from the stresses of daily life. Providing significant comfort and luxury this high-quality microfiber chair will leave no part of your body untreated.
Treating yourself is so important for your mental & physical health – health has no price – fly first class in the comfort of your home.

Zero Space

A deep massage position of zero space at the push of one button

3D Intelligent Massage

With this high-performance 3D chair, you will get the most enhanced massage experience because the rollers move up and down and side-to-side

8 Automatic Massage Programmes

The Chair is designed for different people and you can find your own individual massage pressure & requirements. Our programmes have been customised based on trialled feedback from the sportsman, tradesman, housewife, retired, and those requiring targeted areas or just seeking relaxation

S-Shaped Curved Rail & L Track

The ‘L’ track provides deep tissue massage from the base of your neck all the way down through your glutes and hamstrings. A super long massage rail within the chair will provide you with a 95cm vertical massage

Back-waist Twist

Airbags fill and release on the back provides a left-right swing movement to adjust the spine and relieve muscle stiffness

Swing Hip

The “8” mode left and right swing on the seat provides an imitation of a real masseuse to keep your balance and effectively release pelvis, buttock and muscle stiffness

Magnetic Therapy

8 300cc magnets to stimulate acupoints on your calf muscles;
12 points physical therapy, Waist Stretch, Extended Calf Rest, Thai Sole GuaShaMassage, Leg Airbag Massage... and should we mention infrared heating, adjustable seating and 3D digital sound that has you lying in the sea of your music