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EZY Trim Pro

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Ezy trim pro

Take 10 minutes to shape up, relax and revitalize your body!

The Ezy Trim Pro is both a fitness and massage machine, helping you build muscle, lose weight and de-stress in just 10 minutes a day. 

Using vibration massage that acts on every part of the body, you can build muscle, lose weight and maintain your wellbeing – and all in the comfort of your own home.

Choose your posture

You can stand, sit or even lie on Ezy Trim Pro, in whatever position is most comfortable for you, and let the vibrations work to rapidly contract and release your muscles. This passive form of exercise will help you lose body fat, improve circulation, fight body fatigue and leave you feeling energised.

High speed vibration

Using high-speed vibration technology, you can simply adjust Ezy Trim Pro’s movement to simulate speeds from 3.5km/h to 12km/h. In addition, you can choose from three motion modes, using different movement to create the effect you desire.

Data at a glance

The new LCD display design lets you see distance travelled and other key data at a glance. It means you can see the benefits of Ezy Trim Pro on your body in real-time, and ramp the vibration up or down depending on your goals.

Hands-free control

For your convenience, use the wristwatch-style controller so you can exercise without restriction.

Different sports modes

Switch easily between walking, jogging or running mode by adjusting the distance between your feet. This changes the intensity of your workout and makes using the Ezy Trim Pro varied and fun.


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