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Muscle Massage Gun
Muscle Massage Gun
Muscle Massage Gun
Muscle Massage Gun
Muscle Massage Gun

Muscle Massage Gun

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Rejuvenate sore tissue and aching muscles. With a powerful motor that delivers powerful high-penetration, the muscle massage gun is designed to send waves of relaxation and relief throughout your body. The muscle massage gun boosts athletic performance when incorporated into pre-workout warm-ups and post-workout recovery routines. It increases everyday mobility and flexibility via trigger-point massage therapy for joint pain relief, myofascial release, and sore muscle relief.

3200-speed high torque brushless motor

Unique quiet glide technology

Clean and undisturbed

Innovative rotating design, the new generation of low noise motor, with imported lubricating materials

Muscle massage gun has brush-less motor and quiet glide noise reduction technology that brings a deep massage without noise experience. You can use it everywhere like the home, gym and office.

Five choices to meet the needs

Exercise and fitness muscle strain

Stiff neck in office

High heels cause leg soreness.

Five choices for intensity

Multi-head replacement, full-body wakeup

Muscle massager with 6 replaceable massages heads to relax different body parts effectively.

Ball Head: For large muscle groups(quads, glutes) and extreme muscles and joint soreness.

Cone Head: Apply to strike the deep tissue, feet, joint, wrist.

Flat Head:Ideal for general use, relax for the whole body muscles.

Fork Head: Mainly used for spine, neck and shoulder for sensitive muscles or soft tissues.

Stainless Steel Head and Stainless Steel Cylinder Head: Apply to strong massage.

Relaxation not only for thigh and calf, waist and back, palm and sole, but also relieve neck and spine pressure.

Muscle Massage Gun
Muscle Massage Gun
Muscle Massage Gun

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